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Welcome to Thrive Church! We are here in this city because we have a passion for Jesus and for the younger generation of college students, grad students, and working adults of Taipei.

We are called Thrive Church because we believe that as you come to know Jesus, you realize your true identity, discover your purpose, and experience the joy of community. And that's when you begin to "thrive". Together, w
e are building an authentic, grace-filled, scripture-based community where young people can find a spiritual home.

Throughout the week, we have bible studies, fellowship events, and Sunday worship service. We hope that you will come and say hello!
If you have more question, please feel free to  contact us through the form below!

Thrive Church is a member of Acts Ministries International (AMI). To find out more about the AMI community of churches, please visit or click here!


Let us know if you have any questions!

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