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What is ALPHA?

ALPHA is a community where anyone is invited to come, enjoy food, learn, and ask questions about the Christian faith! Anyone, regardless of faith background, is welcome to join us!

Each week we play fun games, and discuss various topics regarding faith.

Check below some of the topics we talk about!

Hope to see you there!

Learn more at!

I'm Interested! How do I join?

Our next ALPHA course will be held in 2024! Stay tuned for more information!
Or you can join our Line Official Account to receive notification of Alpha once it starts.

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Topics we talk about!

Can God Have a Son?
What if God Dies?
Are Scriptures still Useful?
Do ghosts really exist?
Science V.S. Religion?

What does God think about LGBTQ?
Why is there suffering in this world?

Photos from Alpha!

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