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Thrive Church Bank Account (NTD)

  Bank code: 013 國泰世華銀行

  Account Number: 030-03-501414-1

Giving donations in NTD 以台幣奉獻:
      - Bank Name 收款銀行: Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. (國泰世華銀行)
      - Branch 分行: Guting Branch (古亭分行)
      - Bank Code 銀行代號: 013
      - Account No. 銀行帳戶: 030-03-501414-1
      - Account Name 收款人戶名: 社團法人興世代教會 (Thrive Church)

Giving donations in USD 以美元奉獻:  
      - Bank Name: Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd.
      - Branch: Guting Branch
      - Bank Code: 013
      - Swift Code: UWCBTWTP
      - Account No.: 030087157047
      - Account Name: 社團法人興世代教會 (Thrive Church)

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