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Sunday School

Children Sunday School is where we teach our little ones the love and truth of Jesus.

We believe in teaching the younger generation about Jesus so these little ones can foster strong foundation in faith from a young age. 

We also believe that Sunday School should be fun and interesting to children! 

We incorporate body worship,

craft activities and snack time

into our curriculum.

So our kids can learn about Jesus and

have fun at the same time! 

More about 
Children Sunday School!

4F, No.98, Xinsheng S Rd Section 3,Da’an District, Taipei City,Taiwan

Every Sunday: 9a.m - 10:30 a.m.

What do we do in class?
We do body worship, Kid's bible story telling,
and snack time!

Class classified by age group:
(Kids under 3 accompanied by a parent can join younger kid class.)
Younger kid class: 3-7 year old
Older kid class: 7 year old and up


Come and Join us!

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